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Hi, welcome to my website. I created this website in 2022 to be my personal blog, but it has continued to evolve since then. Check out the pages in the column to the left, and visit the "About" section to learn a bit more about what exactly this place is. There are also several buttons to click if you scroll down. Basically, if you like fun .GIFs, rhythm games, prog/punk rock music, and that sweet early-Internet blog aesthetic, this website might have some of what you're looking for!


So as many of you know, this website doesn't really receive frequent updates. I work on it when I can, but I know there are plenty of pages that are still blank or unfinished. I'm trying to change that. This website's been kicking since 2022, and it's undergone three whole revamps since then. With college graduation coming up, I'm hoping I can really get to work on it this summer. I'm going back home in a few days where I'll be able to take pictures of things I want uploaded here and really build out the pages. It's going to be a busy summer for me for sure, but a lot of exciting things are happening too. Stay tuned!


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    • 6/2/24: Tri-County Flea Market page has been updated heavily with new photos/info!

    • 2/20/24: Background designs are changing! A bit of a trip back to Version 1.0 of this website.

    • 2/19/24: More buttons have been added on the homepage.

    • 12/24/23: The PS2 Hard Drive Project has been completed!