About Me

Photo from: October 21st, 2022

Hi, I'm Tom. I made this website for my Intro to Digital Studies college class in September of 2022 for a presentation I was giving on blogging. This website started out as just a blog, but its changed quite a bit since then. I hope you like it.

So about me now. I play piano, bass, and I sing (kinda). My favorite music genres are punk rock, eurobeat, happy hardcore, metal, and classical. I like photography, video editing, and horseback riding. I like playing arcade rhythm games like DanceDanceRevolution and beatmania IIDX. I started playing rhythm games (specifically StepMania) back in 2015.

So yeah, that's me. Enjoy my website. I'll be here trying to figure out how to turn your mouse cursor into a sword or something. Also, go subscribe to my YouTube channel. I upload videos about whatever I want. You can find links to all my social media whatever stuff below.


Find me:

Discord: codenameTOSTR#6298
Skype: tantive_101
E-mail: tostr02@gmail.com