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Hi, I'm Tom. I'm an art student in college. I made this website as a way to try to teach
myself some HTML and how to make a good-looking website. However, that "good-looking" modern
website design went completely out the window after I had the idea to model my website after
a late-90s Geocities page. And I think I made the right choice. Designing my website like this
was way more fun and I think it looks more appealing too. I hope you like it.

I like many different genres of games but I mainly play rhythm games. I started playing StepMania on
my computer back in 2015 after I watched the TeRa "Made of Fire" video for the first time. I also
play a lot of classic DanceDanceRevolution and 5-key beatmania. (I suck at IIDX.) I also play
FlashFlashRevolution and osu! if they count.

What else... I play piano and sing, kinda. I like retro PC gaming too. I have an old Windows XP
computer than I'm still working on. It's not anything amazing but it plays all your late 90s and
early 2000s games pretty well. You can find out more about its progress in the "Cool Stuff" section.

So yeah, that's me. Enjoy my website. I'll be here trying to figure out how to turn your mouse
cursor into a sword or something. Also, go subscribe to my YouTube channel. I upload videos about
whatever I want. You can find links to all my social media whatever stuff below.


Find me:
My Website!

Discord: codenameTOSTR#6298
Skype: tantive_101